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"We sing before we speak. Remember.

The voice is our native instrument."

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Higher Harmonics is a space for those who wish to connect with the healing power of energy and sound, who seek transformative shifts in their own lives.


Mayari Sherina Ong is a Reiki Master, vocal sound healer, and the founder of Higher Harmonics. As a Pilipinx and Chinese American healer raised in Manahoac territory (aka Northern Virginia), Mayari integrates indigenous spiritual knowledge from her teachers and ancestors into the modern context of the Western world. She currently resides in the Kingdom of Hawai'i on Big Island.


Born singing and playing music out of the womb, Mayari has combined teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho with vocal sound healing to create the modality called Harmonic Reiki. By infusing Reiki energy into her vocal cords, Mayari sings the song of the energy body. She senses and releases energetic blockages through her voice, clearing the path for clients to connect more deeply with their Higher Selves.


Through Harmonic Reiki sound journeys, Mayari’s clients have begun letting go of past traumas, reclaiming their power, and experiencing soul awakenings. Higher Harmonics is a manifestation of her vision for aligning more individuals with their truest selves, and in turn raising the collective vibration of this world to be in harmony and balance with all living beings and the Earth. 



Reiki Ryoho is the Japanese art of channeling the sacred and universal light energy which sustains all life. While most Reiki practitioners use their hands to transmit light energy for the purposes of healing, Harmonic Reiki accomplishes this through vocal tonings.


Harmonic Reiki™ sings the inner song of our energy bodies. It clears emotional and physical blockages, or lower vibrational energies, and brings our frequencies into alignment with that of our highest selves. This is where we remember that we are divine. This is where we remember that we are free. 


Harmonic Reiki™ is for you if:


You want to connect with your higher self 

You resonate with the healing power of music and sound

You are ready to release what no longer serves you

You wish to feel a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit

You are seeking clarity in your life choices

You wish to connect with your inner child

You want to unleash your creative flow

You are ready to unlock transformational shifts




The gift of energy and sound healing came to me through illness. Or rather, it came through an offering. 


In my late 20s, I faced several life upheavals that guided me onto the path of healing work. Within a span of a few years, I dealt with severe clinical depression, multiple concussions, psychosomatic illnesses, and an esophagus disorder that had my body reject food for over two years. Throughout all these difficulties, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggled with suicidal ideation.


As I began to learn more about emotional and physical healing, I realized that I was dealing with an overload of unprocessed trauma passed down ancestrally and left over from abusive relationships. My body was begging for my attention.


So, I decided to make a change. I studied different healing modalities like my life depended on it. Because, well, it did. 


In 2020, I became initiated into the Komyo ReikiDo lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho. Channeling Reiki, the universal life force energy that sustains us all, felt like magic. By placing my hands on my stomach, I could stop my acid reflux from roaring. Placing them on my head, I could wash away headaches.  Soon, I learned that the practice of Reiki was so much more than making aches and pains go away, it was the practice of alignment with our Higher Selves.


My body began to heal. I felt healthier and stronger in my sense of self and spirit. Everything I had experienced, all the challenges that pushed me in this direction began to make sense.


I found myself returning to the first healing instrument I intuitively practiced — my voice. Singing out my emotions has always brought me the medicine I need. It allows me to release what can’t be put into words alone. 


I began instinctually infusing Reiki energy into my vocal cords, amplifying the healing power of Reiki itself. I combined my two most cherished modalities of energy and sound healing into an entirely new modality, Harmonic Reiki.


Through this practice, my connection to Source expanded. Carried by the vibrations and melodies of my voice, Reiki energy swept through myself and my clients more deeply and swiftly. As my throat chakra opened up, as my heart widened, I found myself singing the inner song of our energetic bodies. I was raising my own vibration as well as those who trusted me to help guide their healing. I knew I had to share this practice with more people.


And so, Higher Harmonics was born.



Sessions begin with a brief discussion about the clients desires and needs. Mayari will then channel Reiki to the client’s full body while scanning for energetic flow and blockages.


The sound journey will include vocalization, instruments, and soundscapes. In person sessions may include light touch while virtual sessions are done through energetic space (energy work does not need physical presence to be effective). 


Many clients will slip into a relaxed and near sleep-like state. At the end of the session, we will close with a brief discussion about the nature of the client’s energetic body, messages from any ancestors and/or guides, and consultation for further healing and higher self alignment.

*Pay What You Can is always an option. If you require an exchange that works with your means, please contact me at

10% of all private sessions will be donated to O'ahu Water Protectors.

Cancellation Policy:

Must notify about cancellation 24 hours prior to appointment for full refund.

Within 24 hours for 50% refund.

Before my session with Mayari, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was going through some big internal shifts and came into the session feeling pretty emotionally and physically exhausted. Mayari listened closely and created an incredibly healing space for me to rest and receive the medicine in this experience. The combination of the soundscape and her voice transported me to a different energetic place entirely. I could feel myself restoring throughout the session, as if each cell was being nourished on a new level. And by the time the session was complete, I felt like an entirely new person—clear and energized in a new way. I’m so grateful to Mayari for her healing abilities and can’t recommend this experience enough!

Laurnie Wilson


My Harmonic Reiki Session with Mayari was incredibly beautiful: She is such an intuitive, gentle guide and did an amazing job making me feel held during the whole process so that I could fully surrender into being and receiving the healing vibrations of her voice. Besides feeling super seen and nourished after our session, it has given me great clarity and supported me in shedding old stories and energies that have been holding me back from standing in my power. 

I would absolutely recommend Mayari and her service to anyone who is longing for a gentle and effective way to come closer to self. 

Laura Hassler
Intuitive Healer + Artist

I had a truly wonderful experience with Mayari’s virtual Harmonic Reiki practice! From the questions and suggestions she sends ahead of time, to the discussion and then the Reiki session itself, she created a space that felt extremely welcoming and safe and tailored to my own experience and healing. The session allowed me to journey into some feelings I’d been holding onto for a long time. I felt a physical release and clearing during the session itself, and then for days afterwards felt a renewed creative energy that just seemed to pour out like it had previously been blocked. I’ve only had one session so far, but it’s already been a meaningful step in my journey to get more in touch with myself. I had only limited previous experience with Reiki and wasn’t sure how it would translate over a virtual session, but I’m really glad I tried and would highly recommend!

Jim Irby
Musician + Songwriter

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